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Pages on this site relating to Search is Open for Business

After a lot of careful thought, some late nights and an essential migration plan, welcome to our new website: If you were familiar with the old version ...
(Filed in Blog, August 28th, 2008)

Google Mini: Smaller, Cheaper, Irrisistible!

UK pricing is now £1,295 for up to 50,000 documents for a Google Mini, with a ceiling of 300,000 documents for £4,000. This remains the most remarkable value... £1,295 for ...
(Filed in Blog, September 6th, 2006)

Half of all shoppers search first

According to a recent piece of sponsored research: roughly half of all online shoppers conducted related research at a search engine before making an online purchaseDidn't I tell you?! Okay, so ...
(Filed in Blog, March 4th, 2005)