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Feel-like-loving a bit of Google Reputation?

In our approach to SEO, we discuss the ‘tripod of natural search performance’, as a methodology with three legs: Visibility, Content and Reputation. We see the ...
(Filed in Blog, April 3rd, 2009)

Affiliate Links / Paid Links: Google’s Position

It is our opinion that Affiliate Links are NOT Paid Links, and Google's position on this has been deliberately vague for some very good reasons. The following is a summary ...
(Filed in Blog, October 21st, 2008)

Google tapping into the invisible web

One of the most exciting Google announcements in recent months has to be how it is going about trying to find some of the hidden web. Google's determination to ...
(Filed in Blog, May 4th, 2008)

Google Consolidates Reputation Across Duplicate URLs

In the middle of September, Google's webmaster blog posted a piece of information that is News! The blog URL is under here (it's very long). The crux of the ...
(Filed in Blog, October 1st, 2007)

Google Sitelinks for ‘Google Consultant’

Feel like I have really arrived today. Google has added Sitelinks to my site when searching for me as a Google Consultant. It may not be ...
(Filed in Blog, June 11th, 2007)

Webmaster Tools Back Link Report

Deep breath. Finally. From today Google allows you to properly interrogate your back links, via the Google Webmaster Console. One qualifier from Mr Cutts: "The backlink tool doesn't show ...
(Filed in Blog, February 6th, 2007)

Linkbait, a Reputation-Development Must-Have

Linkbait is such an ugly term, but there is a very real need for it at the moment. As the results pages of Google become saturated for most competitive online ...
(Filed in Blog, October 22nd, 2006)

Site Migration Made Easy – 301 Redirects Revisited

We have bumped into a number of questions recently about how to migrate a site from one technology to another, or even from one domain to another, without massacring Google ...
(Filed in Blog, July 28th, 2006)

How to get links without asking

The ever generous and inspired Ken McGaffin over at Linking Matters has just published an excellent crib sheet on 'How to get links without asking'. Given that the age ...
(Filed in Blog, February 23rd, 2005)