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Hitwise partners with Search Johnston

On Tuesday 10th May 2011 Experian Hitwise launched its new Search Services in which Search Johnston is the natural search partner. Many of you will be familiar with our evangelism ...
(Filed in Blog, May 13th, 2011)

On the Unimportance Of Keyword Density

In short, there is not much importance that should be attached to keyword density1. The theory (myth?) of the importance of keyword density is based on ...
(Filed in Blog, September 2nd, 2008)

Linkbait, a Reputation-Development Must-Have

Linkbait is such an ugly term, but there is a very real need for it at the moment. As the results pages of Google become saturated for most competitive online ...
(Filed in Blog, October 22nd, 2006)

Site Migration Made Easy – 301 Redirects Revisited

We have bumped into a number of questions recently about how to migrate a site from one technology to another, or even from one domain to another, without massacring Google ...
(Filed in Blog, July 28th, 2006)