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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics reporting for SEO

Just a quick note to talk about Google Analytics, and a couple of handy reports that will help you track the success of your SEO work. When measuring the success of ...
(Filed in Blog, April 15th, 2011)

Google Analytics arrives and it’s FREE!!!

Google's purchase of Urchin earlier this year had me thinking this would be an obvious fit with Adwords, to enable more comprehensive conversion tracking. The surprise is that Google are ...
(Filed in Blog, November 14th, 2005)

Non-human traffic in web analytics

I was asked recently about bots, agents and non-human traffic breakdown in web statistics. My reply reminded me how critical it is to have an in-depth understanding of web analytics ...
(Filed in Blog, September 14th, 2005)

Google tinkering with personalisation allows you to set a profile showing your interest or lack of in various subjects, then you can min-max the search results generated in terms of their sensitivity ...
(Filed in Blog, July 3rd, 2005)