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Pages on this site relating to DMOZ

Testing Meta Tag: NOODP. Success!

Google is returning the DMOZ title for my site (screenshot) when a search reflects the precise words in my DMOZ listing. So I have added the NOODP meta ...
(Filed in Blog, July 25th, 2006)

No More DMOZ Titles and Snippets in your Google Listings

Today Google announced a new Meta Robots attribute that specifically requests that data from the Open Directory Project is NOT pulled into the Google listing for the site. To ...
(Filed in Blog, July 13th, 2006)

DMOZ descriptions in Google SERPs

Google has been found presenting Open Directory Project (dmoz) descriptions as the snippet below the SERPs entries for some web sites. From the accounts of it occuring, it is ...
(Filed in Blog, August 4th, 2005)