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Bespoke programmes, workshops and evangelism

Either as part of an ongoing engagement, or simply as a one-off exercise, many clients look for expert training, natural search/SEO workshops, or SEO evangelism to improve the standard of SEO knowledge and practice in their organisation.

Every client’s precise needs are different. One of our consultants will discuss your specific needs and develop a bespoke programme of training or create a tailored workshop format. This training is usually based on an initial analysis or audit of the levels of search engine optimisation of your current site and an analysis of user demand in your search marketplace.

Google SEO evangelism is a regular and very popular feature of our training engagements. These sessions are typically quite short – around 90 minutes in duration – and involve a targeted presentation being delivered to senior managers and online stakeholders within a client that brings into sharp focus both the SEO shortcomings of their current web site and the huge opportunities for new customers of doing it right.

Technical training will typically take place as a short series of one-day sessions held at a client’s own premises.

Longer term training, such as mentoring engagements, are also very effective, whether for staff engaged with online marketing, or technical staff building HTML templates or server set-ups.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.