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Bespoke, detailed and actionable recommendations

Our Google SEO audits provide an in-depth analysis and prioritised recommendations that can inform a site’s modification or redevelopment so that its natural search optimisation is as thorough as possible.

An audit will deal with several areas.

  • Server layer: includes the domain hosting, the setup of the server, paths and URL naming, redirection schemes and page speed optimisation
  • Display Layer: includes the construction of the HTML and other mark-up, semantic structures and bot (and human) accessibility
  • Behaviour Layer: includes any scripting or other dynamic functionality
  • Feeds Layer: automated feeds for product and location information, and syndicated content
  • External Layer: the links arriving from affiliates, advertising, social media as well as natural links
  • Analytics Layer: identification of key performance indicators and set up of action-oriented reporting

Audits don’t just identify problems – they offer solutions. Our technical staff can work alongside yours to solve any problems, and training can be provided where required.

Our Audits are usually delivered or “briefed-in” during dedicated workshops that are carried out by the lead consultant on the engagement. These workshops ensure clients and their development teams or external agencies fully understand our recommendations and feel confident to begin implementing them.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.