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Working with our Google Consultants

Each of our clients has unique needs. Some are preparing to kick off the development of a brand new website whilst others are looking to improve the performance of an existing site. Some clients have internal marketing and technology resources that we can work with to implement our recommendations; others outsource these functions.

Our work with our clients usually follows a process of Understanding & Training, Strategy & Implementation Support and Monitoring & Review.

Understanding & Training

Our consultancy input invariably begins by helping our clients understand how Google works and how to get more visitors referred to their web sites from it. This extends into advising our clients on how to work with their web sites so that the natural search performance improves. This work takes two main forms: Audits and Training.

Google SEO Audits

Audits are the beginning of most our work with clients and are typically produced where an existing site is under-performing in natural search or is in the process of being redeveloped.

Google SEO Training

Either as part of an ongoing engagement, or simply as a one-off exercise, many clients look for expert training to improve the standard of SEO knowledge of their internal (or digital agency) resources.

Strategy & Implementation Support

As our clients’ understanding of SEO increases we then work to create powerful Natural Search Strategies for the Visibility, Content and Reputation of their sites. Alongside the strategy work we support the implementation and measurement of the detailed output of our audit recommendations. This typically takes the form of Ad hoc and Retained Consultancy and Management Intervention.

Retained Consultancy

Retainers are set up where clients need our help to deliver a new strategy for their site that maximises the opportunity for natural search performance, and where they need to consult us on an ad-hoc basis as projects are planned and implemented.

Management Interventions

In an intervention, one of our senior consultants becomes your Director of Natural Search Strategy or SEO Manager, working as part of your team, either virtually or on-site, on an interim or part time basis.

SEO Monitoring & Review

Natural Search Strategy implementation work needs proper analytics and measurement to assess its effectiveness and the return on investment that our clients achieve. At a minimum this begins with properly configured web analytics tools and extends through to natural search reach benchmarking within a client’s sector. Our services therefore provide support for your analytics strategies that ensure SEO measurement is effective and meaningful.

Due to the ever changing nature of the web and the continuing efforts of Google to provide better search services and our client’s competitors to do a better job competing, we provide an ongoing review service that helps tracks change within Google and change within our clients’ marketplaces. These reviews are executed on an ad-hoc basis when we feel that something significant occured in the market; after enough time has passed for our work to be properly measurable; and periodically to maintain a vigilant and responsive attitude towards our clients’ requirements for natural search performance.

The outcomes of our Monitoring and Review services are typically the identification of opportunities to improve further the SEO performance of our clients’ sites and in particular, in competition within their relevant sectors.

Getting Started…

If you’d like to find out more about how we work, and how best we can configure our services around your needs, get in touch today, or call +44 (0)20 8133 0657.