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No mysteries and no risky tactics. Just sound business advice.

Tired of advice you can’t understand and don’t trust? We’re here to demonstrate that SEO is a marketing discipline no different from any other. No mysteries, no risky tactics and no excuse for a lack of clarity: just sound business advice, firmly focussed on customer acquisition and sustainable long-term improvement.

Knowledge transfer at the heart of our approach

At the heart of our approach is the principle that every single part of our work is always fully explained, in depth, in plain English. Doing so clearly helps to give our clients confidence that our advice is sound, but there’s another even more important reason why we are so committed to this approach. We believe that it is in fact necessary – in order to achieve the best levels of natural search performance – for clients to fully understand and ‘own’ our recommendations for themselves.

Visibility, Content and Reputation

Our methodology is based on a principle we call the ‘tripod of natural search performance’. Just as a tripod must have three legs or it falls over, so we believe a natural search strategy must address in full each of three key areas – technical Visibility, relevant Content and validating Reputation – or risk failure.

Visibility: Stop Press: Google really does need your help. Our Visibility work ensures Google and other search engines can find, understand and index your products and content in the exactly the ways that you want them to. Visibility also incorporates a strong emphasis on Web Standards, domain strategy and URL/domain migration.

Content: Keywords are dead, keyword ranking reports are pointless and ‘money terms’ an unhelpful distraction. We transform your content strategy with an in-depth analysis of a true long tail of search expressions, yielding unprecedented insight into how prospects actually search for what you offer. This insight is then translated into practical, detailed recommendations for your site’s content.

Reputation: Google doesn’t trust you, and link building campaigns are a waste of time and money. Improving Google’s love for your site begins with creating a site that your customers will love and value in preference to any competitor, supplemented by truly ethical strategies and tactics that encourage other relevant and authoritative sites to link to you. The result: a real reputation online that Google can really trust.

SEO consulting services for online enterprises

Search:Johnston exists to help online enterprises to achieve the strategic and tactical changes necessary to ethically and sustainably improve natural search performance.

Our team of highly experienced Google consultants each have at least ten years senior online management experience working with leading brands. Each possesses in-depth knowledge of related disciplines such as accessibility, usability and application development, ensuring that we understand and can work effectively on major projects.

Unbeaten SEO measurement and clear ROI

Our techniques to benchmark the natural search traffic in a competitive marketplace offer unparalleled insight into current and historic performance of client sites versus key competitors.

Establishing an effective SEO analytics process also plays a vital role in tracking performance. Note that we use the word process there, rather than tool; we believe effective SEO analytics is much more about the process than it is the selected analytics package. Processes must be established to ensure the right issues are tracked and reported on using the right techniques, with resources regularly available and formally dedicated to carrying out defined actions as observations are made.

In turn, the insight from benchmarking and analytics can be used to closely track the ROI of a natural search strategy project, enabling effective internal reporting and informing future investment decisions.