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Broad online experience, focused SEO expertise

We are different and we are passionate. We are ethical and work with very robust integrity. We are not ‘yes men’ and we couldn’t be further from the snake oil peddlers who permeate the SEO sector; some of whom you may have encountered already.

Search Johnston is comprised of a group of online professionals who have chosen Natural Search Consultancy because it is one of the most important, most complex and most commercially influential disciplines currently at play on the internet. We do it because we love it and because we know you will find it almost impossible to find someone who will do it better or with more clarity. Being the best at SEO is what drives us; being direct and honest consultants is what you get when you engage with us.

Our people are far more than just SEO experts, they are hugely experienced digital professionals from a highly complementary set of backgrounds, who combine to offer unparalleled clarity and value in SEO consulting. Consequently we know how our advice will influence all the other aspects of your online operations, because we’ve been there.

See. We are passionate!

Steve Johnston, Managing Consultant

Steve coined the phrase ‘Google Consultant’ and has been a Google SEO specialist since 2001. He has been providing independent consultancy on making Google love his clients’ web sites since 2003. Read more about our founding ‘Google Consultant‘.

Liam McGee, Senior Consultant

Liam has been part of the Search Johnston team since late 2006 and has been involved in the Internet since 1995. Alongside his SEO expertise he is actively involved in accessibility research and is a specialist in accessibility; usability; information architecture; interface design; assistive technology; semiotics; online communities and web analytics. Liam draws on twelve years of experience in publishing, public relations and online media, having worked for AOL and BBC Online, amongst others. In his spare time Liam serves as an Invited Expert to the W3C.

Liam has an MA Hons. and MSci from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College, London. He is married and lives in Somerset.