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Using Google Analytics to measure the effect of your SEO work

Just a quick note to talk about Google Analytics, and a couple of handy reports that will help you track the success of your SEO work.

When measuring the success of our SEO advice we often make use of Google Analytics segmentation and custom reporting features to measure:

  • increase in natural search traffic (visits)
  • increase in natural search traffic value (revenue)
  • increase in search variation (number of keywords)
  • maintainance of relevance to customers needs (bounce rate)
Here’s how we do it. First we set up a new custom report with the metrics Visits, Per Visit Value, Bounce Rate, and Revenue. We add a single dimension: keywords.
Setting up a custom GA report for SEO

Setting up a custom GA report for SEO

Next, we change the segment to one of the default segments provided by analytics – non-paid search (that’s organic or natural search to you and me).


The resultant report keeps track of the key SEO KPIs – namely:

  • Is the number of visits coming in from organic (non-paid) search increasing?
  • Is the number of variations of search terms that you are ranking for increasing?
  • Are you still getting the right kinds of visitor in the door (is your bounce rate steady)?
  • Are you making more money?

Keep a steady eye on these, and you will get a regular picture of the love Google has for your website.

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