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In our approach to SEO, we discuss the ‘tripod of natural search performance’, as a methodology with three legs: Visibility, Content and Reputation.

We see the Visibility and Content legs as laying a sound optimisation foundation, with the Reputation leg being the part of the methodology that can often deliver the cream, in terms of the improvements in natural search performance that clients seek. Stretching the tripod analogy a little, it’s a bit like the Reputation leg has more muscle than the other two legs.

We’ve been working with Reevoo now for a number of months, working simultaneously on all parts of the tripod, and we’re delighted to announce that Reevoo have just launched an initiative (that came entirely from within the company) that comes straight out of the Reputation part of our methodology: Reevoo’s feel-like-love machine

Reevoo provides customer reviews from real shoppers who review their product once and only once they’ve actually bought it (so not just any old reviews). Reevoo’s feel-like-love machine enables visitors to the website to find reviews by the emotions shoppers have expressed when actually reviewing the product they’ve purchased.

For example:

Many of us, when buying things are heavily influenced by our emotions, and this taps directly into that: it provides a useful and helpful alternative way to finding customer reviews of products

Additionally, Reevoo have provided a little widget enabling you to include this content on your own website:

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And don’t forget the saucy version too ….

So why does all this help the Reputation of the Reevoo website?

  • It’s an innovative way to view customer reviews, directly meeting how many people buy products – through their emotions – and ‘innovation’ builds real Reputation
  • It’s entertaining, different and interesting, but draws on and idea from the Twitterverse; Twistori, which is likely to generate additional discussion
  • And finally, it provides some engaging content that people can include on their own website – for free – that includes a link back to Reevoo

All of which help shift perceptions, generate online discussions and further promote the Real Reputation of the Reevoo business and the Google Reputation of its website.

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