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After a lot of careful thought, some late nights and an essential migration plan, welcome to our new website: If you were familiar with the old version (courtesy of the Wayback Machine), you will see ‘Steve’ has now become a ‘we‘ – actually he has been a ‘we’ for months and months now, but it took us a while to get organised about it.

We have taken a lot of time and trouble over the promise that we are expressing here for the first time: SEO, Redefined. We feel SEO needs redefining because there is almost never a occasion where we talk to a client for the first time and they aren’t full of stuff and nonsense fed to them by SEO amateurs. For those of you who know us well, this statement will not be a surprise, and for those of you we are yet to meet, you will find a lot more where that came from when we do. We welcome any feedback or comments about how we are doing and look forward to working with you (further). Onwards and upwards.

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