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In the middle of September, Google’s webmaster blog posted a piece of information that is News! The blog URL is under here (it’s very long).
The crux of the matter is these three sentences:

1. When we detect duplicate content, such as through variations caused by URL parameters, we group the duplicate URLs into one cluster.
2. We select what we think is the “best” URL to represent the cluster in search results.
3. We then consolidate properties of the URLs in the cluster, such as link popularity, to the representative URL.

It is point three that is so interesting. Consolidation of the link popularity (or Reputation, as we like to call it) is not what we have been assuming they did. That’s very clever, if its really happening. I don’t recommend you stop worrying about this as an issue, though. Google can’t get this right all the time, better for the problem not to be there to solve in the first place.

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