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I had fun this morning talking about how Google users search for ‘Wiltshire’ related information with BBC Radio Wiltshire presenter Olly Dearden and managed to plug the fundraising Google Love Lecture too! I have YouTubed the audio of the interview which you can listen to below; it is only seven minutes long. The list of Wiltshire terms we discuss in the interview are below.

1. wiltshire county council
2. wiltshire times
3. wiltshire college
4. jobs in wiltshire
5. schools in wiltshire
6. wiltshire police
7. wiltshire farm foods
8. wiltshire gazette & herald
9. bbc wiltshire
10. wiltshire news
11. wiltshire buses
12. wiltshire map
13. cottages in wiltshire
14. wiltshire libraries
15. holidays in wiltshire
16. wiltshire football league
17. this is wiltshire
18. wiltshire hotels
19. wiltshire estate agents
20. weddings in wiltshire

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