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In a recent post from Matt Cutts, he shows a way of making show results as if it were a regional Google, such as Add the &=uk parameter to the end of Google’s URL. The following results within then show Steve as the third most important ‘Johnston’ to UK visitors (he he), but only thirty sixth globally (sigh):

Change the ‘gl’ parameter to the country of your choice and will provide the necessary results.

Update: Further down the Matt Cutts blog page I was catching up with, was a reference to minty fresh indexing – that described instances where Google crawled and indexed content within minutes of it being published – so I thought I’d test it. Within 5 minutes of the above post being published the following result was visible in Google’s SERPs:

You may have spotted from the screen grab a lack of a link to the ‘Cached’ version of the page, which clearly hasn’t happened yet, which suggests it has pulled the content directly from Blogger. I have my blog set to send a ping to blogger, which is Google owned, and I believe from my recent SiteLinks status that I am now an official authority site which doubtless increases the frequency of crawling on my site. Don’t expect this to happen to every site, but it is very cool.

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