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Archive for June, 2007

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Google & The Long Tail of Search

To help people comprehend how long the tail of search is, I have often used a reference that I remember reading but had long lost being able to cite directly; namely ’50% of the search terms typed into Google are so unique they will never be typed in again’. Today, however, I am moving on from this quote to a new one that I can cite. Udi Manber, VP of Google Engineering said at a recent conference, that there are three reasons why Search is only going to get harder in the future.

One of these I already use:

“scale and diversity are almost beyond comprehension”

One of which is not particularly relevant to this point, but the third will replace my previous reference:

“20 to 25% of the queries we see today, we have never seen before”

Ponder that for a moment. Google is tapped into our collective consciousness. It’s astonishing.

(Filed in Blog, June 26th, 2007)

Google Sitelinks for ‘Google Consultant’

Feel like I have really arrived today. Google has added Sitelinks to my site when searching for me as a Google Consultant. It may not be happening on all datacentres yet, so there is a screen grab below. My current understanding of why and how these links appear is as follows: The site needs to be perceived as an authority for the search terms the Sitelinks appear for – i.e. enough high-reputation and relevant inbound links – (I don’t get Sitelinks when you search for Steve Johnston, only for Google Consultant); Onsite link patterns and anchor text combined with off site link patterns and anchor text suggest the key pages and the labels to use; Users’ search refinement patterns and site visits – as tracked by Google – help qualify user needs and the prioritisation of the pages in the Sitelinks list.

(Filed in Blog, June 11th, 2007)