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Archive for January, 2007

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Wikipedia Google Consultant & Header Viewer that Redirects

Couple of quick updates:

The previous post has gone through the wash and the situation has stayed the same, which is interesting. In the meantime, the Wikipedia entry for a ‘Google Consultant’ has been redirected to the SEO page, thanks to rather too much attention, which is a shame.

Also, I have updated my http header-viewer, with a little help from my friends, so that it now follows any server redirects it encounters. I have used Rex Swain‘s version for years, for this functionality, so figured I should give his server a rest as I have never clicked on one of his adverts; sorry Rex.

(Filed in Blog, January 24th, 2007)

‘Google Consultant’ No.1 in Google, continues…

Happy New Year. As the SERPs for a ‘Google Consultant‘ hot up, one of my resolutions is to work diligently over the coming months to retain my top slot, and to do what I can to appear even more relevant to those looking for what I do. For example, the marvellous have recently added me to their supplier directory, which at the time of writing is on the second page of results in Google for the ‘Google Consultant’ search. So if I gently apply a bit of extra relevance to my entry in the directory, by pointing it out to you with a nice link: Steve Johnston Google Consultant in E-consultancy it should bump up to the first page. Now E-consultancy’s PR7 couldn’t possibly unseat me from the top slot… Or could it? Watch this space.

(Filed in Blog, January 8th, 2007)