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Archive for September, 2006

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Google Consultant on Dragons’ Den

Yes that was Steve on series 3 episode 7 of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den last night pitching his StoryCode idea. He didn’t really expect them to broadcast the bit where he said he was a ‘Google Consultant’, but they did! Youtubed footage is here.

Update Aug 2008: Now the most viewed actual episode pitch on YouTube. Maybe one day there will be a story here about how important that reference to being a ‘Google Consultant’ actually was…

(Filed in Blog, September 15th, 2006)

Google Mini: Smaller, Cheaper, Irrisistible!

UK pricing is now £1,295 for up to 50,000 documents for a Google Mini, with a ceiling of 300,000 documents for £4,000. This remains the most remarkable value… £1,295 for 50,000 documents, blimey! Go see for yourself: Google Mini UK.

(Filed in Blog, September 6th, 2006)