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A quick tip to stop your attempt to reach from being hi-jacked by Google’s geo-targetting:  Typically, Google will serve you the Google site that it considers most relevant to you, based on the IP address from which your request has come. This means that most UK users get redirected to when they ask for Next time you want to get to, use This will tell Google not to redirect you. Don’t then assume, however, that you are then seeing results that a US user will see, because this won’t be the case. Google will still interrogate your IP address and attempt to serve you more relevant results. This will be most noticable in the Adwords campaigns that Google serves. The request sets your Google cookie to not redirect, so if you want your redirection back in future, delete your current Google cookie.

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One Response to “Switch off Redirection to Your Local Domain”

  1. Jan

    Thank You. Thank You. Google was driving me crazy… everytime I travelled to Europe I would get the local google domain – in Swedish/Finnish, whatever.

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