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I get asked this all the time: ‘Steve can you recommend someone to help implementing the optimisation work you have recommended?’

Such requests happen typically when the projects are small and the technology switching costs are low. When bigger projects/sites are involved I am usually tasked to work with the encumbent development firm, which can prove interesting, particularly if they don’t like being asked to change the way they build their web sites!

Anyway, for small to medium-sized projects, I currently work with the following web development firms – some have creative design in-house, others use third-party freelancers, all are SEO literate and build Google-friendly sites, with or without my involvement. You will notice a pattern, in that more than a few are pretty local to me in the Wiltshire countryside, which suggests there is much talent out there nationally.

In no particular order (okay, maybe I’ll do it alphabetically), my favourite web design and development companies for small to medium projects are:

Of course, they are all far too busy to actually do anything for anyone, with the amount of work I give them, so don’t bother calling them ;-)

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