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Archive for May, 2006

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Google Trends – Vacuum, Dyson, Hoover

Has ‘dyson’ become the new generic term for a vacuum cleaner, superseding the good old ‘hoover’? It would seem the answer is yes:

Google Trends; Dyson, Vacuum, Hoover

(Filed in Blog, May 20th, 2006)

Google Trends Launches

Fascinating new search trend tool now available from Google Labs. Google Trends allow you to compare search behaviour for particular expressions over time. It also displays links to key news issues that may be relevant to any peaks witnessed. From an optimisation point of view it will help clarify which patterns of words are searched for more often. The data isn’t very deep, so you won’t find the more niche expressions in here, but topline stuff like Property Spain vs. Spanish Property is very illuminating. There are a couple of riders at the foot of the page, but those notwithstanding, this could prove to be a very valuable tool.

(Filed in Blog, May 11th, 2006)

Web Design Firm Recommendations

I get asked this all the time: ‘Steve can you recommend someone to help implementing the optimisation work you have recommended?’

Such requests happen typically when the projects are small and the technology switching costs are low. When bigger projects/sites are involved I am usually tasked to work with the encumbent development firm, which can prove interesting, particularly if they don’t like being asked to change the way they build their web sites!

Anyway, for small to medium-sized projects, I currently work with the following web development firms – some have creative design in-house, others use third-party freelancers, all are SEO literate and build Google-friendly sites, with or without my involvement. You will notice a pattern, in that more than a few are pretty local to me in the Wiltshire countryside, which suggests there is much talent out there nationally.

In no particular order (okay, maybe I’ll do it alphabetically), my favourite web design and development companies for small to medium projects are:

Of course, they are all far too busy to actually do anything for anyone, with the amount of work I give them, so don’t bother calling them ;-)

(Filed in Blog, May 9th, 2006)

E-consultancy publishes SEO Best Practice Guide

The E-consultancy SEO Best Practice Guide is perhaps the most ambitious attempt to document search engine optimization best practice to date. It is over 200 pages of A4 detail compiled by E-consultancy author Dave Chaffey and which includes contributions from a number of SEO experts such as Edward Cowell, Rand Fiskin, Ken McGaffin, and Steve Johnston (who he?). Despite the inclusive approach that E-consultancy have taken, I still find myself at odds with some of the recommendations, which perhaps is an indication of how complex this field is. The bottom line for E-consultancy is that they have achieved something unusual in publishing what is arguably the most consistently accurate (despite my reservations) guide to SEO currently available, and definitely worth subscribing for.

(Filed in Blog, May 3rd, 2006)