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Latest Hitwise report and data on Google’s search penetration (April 2006):

Google continues to dominate the search market in the UK, powering 74.8% of all UK internet searches for the four weeks ending 1 April. The top four search engines combined powered 95.7% of UK internet searches in the four week period. Search is Google’s closest competitor, powering 6.7% of UK internet searches. When combined with its .com property, MSN Search powered 7.8% of searches. Yahoo! Search is the next strongest competitor with searches on Yahoo! Search – UK & Ireland accounting for 5.7% of UK internet searches. Collectively, Yahoo! Search – UK & Ireland and Yahoo! Search powered 7.5% of searches. Ask UK powered 5.4% of UK internet searches. Combining its UK and .com properties, Ask powered 5.6% of searches in the four week period.

I have reproduced their newsletter report because I couldn’t find the newsletter on their web site to link to. Go figure. This growth to 75% is up from 70% less than a year ago.

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