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It’s okay I’m still alive:

Google eBook to be published in paperback

Random House UK have signed me up to write an expanded paperback version of my ‘50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Web Site‘. Due for publication in January 2007, watch out for it on the shelves of your neighbourhood bookshop in the New Year! Thank you for all the feedback I have had on the ebook version, it has helped me enormously when looking forward to expand it for paperback publication.

Google Seminar programme to be developed

Following on from a successful event for Redeye, entitled ‘Getting friendly with Google‘ earlier this month (sorry not to let you know in advance), I am looking to develop further speaking events such as this and am in discussions with the online agency of a big London advertising firm and with one of London’s leading business schools. Watch out for an Events page appearing on my site soon. I am keen to also do private seminars and training sessions along these lines.

BMW & BMM Banned

And yes, I was paying attention to BMW and BMM (Big Mouth Media) getting banned from Google, just didn’t find a moment to blog it. Philipp Lenssen did a great job on the BMW story in the meantime.

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