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Archive for April, 2006

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Snake Oil from UKReg/Fasthosts

UKReg / Fasthosts email claim, below, has to be this year’s dodgiest fear-factor sales tactic regarding Google’s algorithm… so far, at least. Many of us in the UK have been on the receiving end of an email that tells us the following:

“Don’t let your website be seen as spam…
Dear Steve,

By registering or renewing domains for only a year at a time your website is
at risk of being identified as illegitimate or as a source of spam by the
internet’s leading search engines.

Google has stated that domains registered for only one year are seen as
illegitimate, risky sites that are downgraded in their search results.
“Unless you only need a domain temporarily, it’s madness not to secure it.
You’ll get a better price and better search engine rankings, plus, there’ll
be no risk of someone stealling it if you forget to renew.”

Andrew Michael
CEO Fasthosts

With UKreg, though, you can now secure your domains for a full
decade in advance at the special rate of only 7.99GBP per year.
Extending your existing registrations to a full 10 years can now be done at
the click of a button, and will ensure that your websites will be recognised
as authoritative, legitimate sites that are visible for all to see on the
likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN searches.
So forget about renewing every 12 months and boost your website’s search
engine rankings now by securing your domain at this exclusive price for the
next decade!

Best regards,
The UKreg team