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Happy New Year: Happy New Google eBook. After much faffing around I can finally present my Google eBook: 50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Web Site. It has taken some sweat and tears, to get it to this point, and no doubt some more to keep it updated, but I am positive, from initial feedback, that it is worth reading!

From a practical point of view, it is going to be interesting to see whether I can defend my 4th spot on Google for a “Google ebook” search, as the new page is located at /google-ebook/index.php whereas the previous one was at google-ebook.html. The old location is now serving a 301 redirect – try Dan Winchester’s View Source to check the header response. Fingers crossed for a quick and successful re-indexing and a retained position in the SERPs.

Happy reading (sorry it’s not free, the kids have to eat, afterall).

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