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Apologies for the radio silence over the last month. I have been busily documenting my approach to optimising web sites for Google and am almost at the point of publishing an eBook on the subject (approximately 11,000 words – 28 pages of A4).

My Google eBook – entitled A Google Optimisation Wish-list for Web Site Development – has a primary purpose; to feed the development, redevelopment or optimisation process for a web site that needs to be indexed effectively in Google’s search engine. Effective indexing is what most web sites need because it increases their chances of responding to the searching behaviour of the people they want as visitors. This is always the case, almost always a good thing and something you will hear more about in detail if you acquire a copy.

My eBook has a secondary purpose as an educational tool. Web site owners and managers realise now that Google is the biggest single referrer of visitors to web sites, which means that a poor presence in its index is a form of operational negligence. Whilst web designers are beginning to realise that this knowledge is no longer optional if they want to stay in business.

There are three main sections to the ebook which cover the concepts and key implementation areas for the three main principles of search engine optimisation (SEO) for Google; Visibility, Content and Reputation (what I have snappily coined as the Google VCR approach). Each section is then divided in such a way that you can identify and act on issues that are within your direct control, that require the management of external factors and that are largely in the laps of the Gods. Each issue or practise area is described in descending order of importance within its section to help you prioritise the areas on which to focus your efforts.

Finally I have tried to find an editorial balance such that business managers will acquire the confidence they need to drive towards a Google optimisation objective and such that web implementers will have sufficient clarity to act on the recommendations. I know I can rely on you to let me know if this turns out not to be the case. I will post again when the Google eBook is available.

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