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Google has been found presenting Open Directory Project (dmoz) descriptions as the snippet below the SERPs entries for some web sites. From the accounts of it occuring, it is unclear however what rules are being applied when Google decides to do this. I noticed that it was going on when, after rebuilding my own site, my SERPs entries were affected (DMOZ description in SERPs screen shot). My dmoz entry appears here: Steve Johnston.

In some limited experimentation, it appears only to be happening to the home page location as listed in dmoz and then only when the search terms used appear in the title tags (Google Consultant search currently generates a DMOZ description for my site); if the search terms are in the body then a snippet drawn from the content appears (I am a greying-haired Google Consultant search generates a snippet).

So what I want to test is whether the fact that I ommitted to replace my Meta Description tag following the very-recent rebuild of this site has contributed to Google’s decision to do this. I will leave my site as it is for a few days to allow you run these tests for yourselves against my own site (the screen shot will nevertheless record it for posterity) and so that you can also investigate my current HTML source – naked of its Meta Tags, eeek!

Come back in about a week’s time and I will have changed the HTML to include a Meta Description tag and Google will have reindexed the site with the tag in place.

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