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Google have recently trademarked the term TrustRank.

Google’s proprietary PageRank system has long been held as a differentiator, but many in the search engine community consider it well on the way out, if not already pretty meaningless, – and I find myself on their side of the fence, which includes the recommendation to do your best to ignore the green pixels in your Google Toolbar – with TrustRank it’s natural successor .

TrustRank concedes the need for human intervention; the process requires the identification of seed sites that are considered ‘good’ and the evaluation of the relationships between them and the rest of the web. The conclusion is that relationships with ‘good’ seed sites confer authenticity on the other linked sites. The assumption being that no ‘good’ site would link to a spam site. ‘TrustRank’ as a term appears in this Stanford University research paper, and many believe it is on its way in already.

An interesting facet of the concession that humans have to get involved could be that of Google offering a ‘reset-my-TrustRank’ fee-based service. A kind of manual intervention that is missing from the current Google everything-is-automatic mantra.

Oh, by the way, a Google representative stated today that Update Bourbon ain’t over yet.

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