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Archive for February, 2004

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Yahoo Directory Entry is Critical

A Yahoo directory entry was always an important component in a search engine optimisation strategy, but now it is critical. The importance of Yahoo’s directory is much clearer now that the results from Yahoo’s own search technology are so conspicuously different to those of Google. Yahoo returns a site’s directory entry content (if it has one) above any content from the site itself and sometimes instead of it, so the entry content itself is of critical importance.

As an example look at the following searches for me:
General search site –
The content of the first search shows my directory content, not any content from my site, whilst the second result is content from my blog – which I believe only manages to achieve a second place spot because of the importance Yahoo places on my site thanks to my directory entry.
Directory search only –
The content of this directory search shows that I am the only Steve Johnston listed.

(Filed in Blog, February 25th, 2004)

Yahoo dumps Google SERPs

The big Yahoo! switch has happened! As of this morning, it is official. Yahoo has replaced the Google results with … wait for it, Yahoo Search. According to the this announcement, released through SearchEngineWatch, Yahoo has not simply switched to Inktomi as many had predicted, but has created a new search product from its pool of recently acquired search talent. Go on, give it a try: In light of the fact that it is not Inktomi or Altavista, we have a shed more to learn, and in the meantime watch the scrabble for more Yahoo directory listings. More comments to follow.

(Filed in Blog, February 18th, 2004)