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Archive for January, 2004

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Google IPO not on Schmidt’s Agenda

Mixed messages on the Google IPO. Chairman and Chief Exec Eric Schmidt was reported in The Times today as saying an “An IPO is not on my agenda right now”. So what do you make of that? Cold feet in light of the fact that Google is broken right now? Can they wait much longer given that they are never again likely to have such reach as they do right now? Answers to this and many more questions next time…..

(Filed in Blog, January 30th, 2004)

Google Link: Reports are Incomplete

A recent posting on Gary Price’s excellent Resource Shelf prompts me to remind you aspiring Google sleuths that use of the ‘link:’ operator in a Google search, used to determine how many site/pages link through to a particular URL, will not show all the links that exist. There are two factors at play here; one is the page rank of the linking page – below a certain unconfirmed level (probably 4) the page won’t appear, and the other is how recently the link has been indexed – links are updated once a month.

(Filed in Blog, January 21st, 2004)

Google PageRanks – How Many Sites v.2

In an effort to continue my understanding of Google’s PageRank, I have updated the table I created a month ago. Working on the basis of 32 PageRank 10 sites and 3.3 billion indexed pages, I am now working on a logarithmic PR scale of 6.22. It is still flawed, because the top of the table refers to sites, but the total refers to pages indexed, but these numbers feel closer to reality.

PR Number of Sites
10 32
9 199
8 1,238
7 7,701
6 47,897
5 297,922
4 1,853,072
3 11,526,108
2 71,692,390
1 445,926,663
0 2,773,663,843
Total 3,305,017,064

(Filed in Blog, January 5th, 2004)