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Yahoo’s acquisitive activities this year have led many of us to assume that when they were ready they would pull the Google results from Yahoo and replace them with the Inktomi results (currently visible at the likes of Hotbot or the BBC. But early signs – i.e. rumours of sightings of AltaVista data in Yahoo results amongst the US SEO community (can’t link directly as the reports are in a subscription forum) – are that they may be considering AltaVista instead (hmm, some of its data is old).

If this proves to be what Yahoo actually does, then two likely reasons strike me:
1. Altavista always had a reputation for excellent ‘pure’ search, so with Google messing with its purity right now, this could be a smart move.
2. Inktomi is pretty well commercialised already, particularly with paid inclusion, so a cleaner slate of data in Yahoo, could give them more opportunity for more revenue in the future (clearly this would negate some of the benefits in point 1. but, hey ho).

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