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Archive for December, 2003

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Yahoo, Altavista and Inktomi

Yahoo’s acquisitive activities this year have led many of us to assume that when they were ready they would pull the Google results from Yahoo and replace them with the Inktomi results (currently visible at the likes of Hotbot or the BBC. But early signs – i.e. rumours of sightings of AltaVista data in Yahoo results amongst the US SEO community (can’t link directly as the reports are in a subscription forum) – are that they may be considering AltaVista instead (hmm, some of its data is old).

If this proves to be what Yahoo actually does, then two likely reasons strike me:
1. Altavista always had a reputation for excellent ‘pure’ search, so with Google messing with its purity right now, this could be a smart move.
2. Inktomi is pretty well commercialised already, particularly with paid inclusion, so a cleaner slate of data in Yahoo, could give them more opportunity for more revenue in the future (clearly this would negate some of the benefits in point 1. but, hey ho).

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Google promotes Froogle

For a brief spell yesterday it was possible to see Google placing results from its shopping catalogue sub-site Froogle at the top of the results list on Google. This didn’t happen in the UK, but was visible in parts of the US and only then from one or two of Google’s mysterious datacentres. The implications are pretty profound when there are only three listings and then an invitation to go to Froogle directly. More on this, no doubt, soon.

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Google’s and Paid Search Trademarks

Google is seeking guidance by the US courts on search term trademark infringement. According to this CNET report, trademark owners are regularly demanding Google stop advertisers using trademarks that don’t belong to them, to drive traffic. On one hand you can understand this, would I want people using my company as a name to drive traffic to their competing service? No I wouldn’t. However, I don’t see how I have a right to complain about it if they are simply using my name as a keyword to trigger their advert in a way that gets them close to me. If they are not passing themselves off as me then why is it so different from buying space on the shelf next to your competitors product or buying display ads alongside your competitors? It isn’t.

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Google PageRanks – How Many Sites v.1

I was asked recently how many sites there are in each Google PageRank bracket. This is an answer Google clearly knows, but is not telling. This list suggests that there are currently 32 PR10 sites. Netcraft surveys approximately 46,000,000 sites, which if it is the same number that Google indexes encourages me to adopt a logarithmic PR scale of 4. Of course it’s nonsense, and besides, it doesn’t feel right – only 2048 PR7 sites – and it would take only one assumption to be wrong to put it way out. It was a mildly diverting exercise.

PR Number of Sites
10 32
9 128
8 512
7 2,048
6 8,192
5 32,768
4 131,072
3 524,288
2 2,097,152
1 8,388,608
0 33,554,432
Total 44,739,232


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Just Do It: Blog

Tim Ireland told me to start a blog two months ago. I try to do as I am told by figures of authority – and he certainly is one when it comes to blogs – so here you go Tim, I’m trying. Not that I haven’t been paying attention. I left the post in below, just to prove that I opened my Blogger account over three years ago :-) More soon.

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